Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 1 of NaNoWriMo

So Tuesday was the first day of November and the first day of NaNo.  Want to know what I was doing that day?  TMI WARNING! Pooping and puking like there was no tomorrow.  And for a while I did wonder of there would be a tomorrow.  Wednesday wasn't much better.

Thursday and Friday were slightly less terrible.  I wasn't sick, but I was very weak and tired from not eating for two days.  FYI: Not eating and being pregnant don't go well together.

So today I felt kind of normal.  At least enough to sit up in bed and do some writing.  Not well enough to go to a write-in, which made me sad, but well enough that I can take care of my self and Will with minimal help from Daniel (he's been an angel this week, btw).

Today I wrote 2006 words.  Technically I'm still behind (should be at like 8335 words by end of day 5) but if I write about 2000 words a day, I should get that 50,000 by the 30th.  I'm pretty sure I can do that.

If I haven't already linked it, here's my profile on the NaNo site.

And now, I shall take a much deserved nap.  Congrats to all of those who are working on NaNo and have met their goals so far this week.  Keep up the good work!  And to those of who are like me and got a late start, keep at it, we can do it!  Just think, all those wimps who started on time only have to do 1667 words/day, we can do more than that and that's what makes us awesome!

Thanks for reading, love to see comments!