Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do You Remember?

So I wrote a poem, shocked I know. It's been soooo long. And really, I wrote two, but the first one was sad and sucked, so I'm only going to post this one. Enjoy!

Do You Remember?

Do you remember
Those short drives
From school to home?
Do you remember
The music
And the laughter?

I remember
The heat
And the smell.
I remember
The feel
Of the seat

Do you remember
The discussions
And their depth?
Do you remember
Our wishes
And dreams?

I remember
That feeling
Of the inevitable.
I remember
This would end.

Do you remember?
I hope so,
Because I do.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back to School and Research

You know, sort of. :) For those of you that have the privilege of knowing me in person, you know that me and school really don't get along. The structure that makes up high school and college did not work for me. It was mostly because of the homework. I hated doing homework, it wasn't fun. There was a whole pile of books I could read instead of doing my homework.

Anyway, I've gotten really lucky and I found an independent study course based on the Writing Great Fiction series. I got a great deal for it. (Should have cost me $560 but I got it for $119) So all the material came in today and I'm super excited. I've been wanting to take some kind of creative writing class for a long time but was unwilling to go back to school and online courses were really expensive. So I'll be working on this for a while.

In other news, I'm currently in a researching stage on my WIP. As I wrote this first (sort of) draft I had an on going list of things and facts I needed to do more research on and now I'm working on that. Research is a fun and not so fun process. You spend a lot of time shifting through a lot of information that you really don't need. It's time consuming, but it's worth it. But I have to say that it feels weird to not actually write right now.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finished the First Draft?

Yeah.... technically, not really. So I had set my self a deadline of completing my first draft of my current WIP, A White Crow Novel (working lame title), on May 26th. Did I make it? Kind of. Let me explain.

When I first came up with this story I thought I could do the whole thing in third person limited with just one voice. I got about half way through and realized that wouldn't work. So I did a few experimental chapters in another character's voice. Then I thought, "Okay, 2 voices, I can do that." So then I decided to skip some random character building stuff that would happen in the middle of the story and jumped straight to the end.

I finished that ending by May 26th. Then I went and talked to a trusted person who I've mentioned way too many times in my blogs from Absolute Write Forums and he helped me to realize that I have a third and maybe even a fourth voice I should consider using.

So in the end, did I finish the first draft? If by first draft you mean I have a full skeleton of a story with some juicy bits of flesh clinging to it, then yes. But if you mean, do I have a fully fleshed out body that just needs some hair, make up and nice clothes, then no. (by the way, I'm planning on some post in the future that talk more about that fun imagery I just gave you).

Anyway, because of some vacation plans that involved parents visiting and an early celebration of Daniel and mine's third wedding anniversary, I have not looked at my WIP in close to two weeks. I plan on picking it back up again on Monday and starting to revise what I have and add some more juicy flesh to this body of work.

So now's it's time for a new deadline! I will give my self a full month to revise and add what is needed so that I can call this a first real draft. So, I will have a completed first draft done by Saturday, July 9, 2011! Wish me luck!