Writing Resources

Here is a collection of links and books that I have found helpful with all things writing concerned.

ABSOLUTE WRITE- This is a great forum and community of writers. There is information about everything, from writer's block to publishing. My name is Kricket over there, come find me and say hi!

WRITER BEWARE- This is blog talking about some of the scams that we writers have to watch out for. Bad publishers to agents who aren't really agents. They have a lot of very useful information that every person thinking of publishing should know.

CHUCK WENDIG- He is an experienced writer that gives great writing advice in a no nonsense attitude.

KRICKET'S WRITING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS- My own collection of tips and tricks to help you get started or to refresh the basics.

Here are books that I own or have read about writing that I really like.


More Coming Soon!