Thursday, May 3, 2012

Still here, promise!

Quick update to say that I'll be back to writing and updating blogs and stuff very soon. Check out my regular blog for details about the new addition to my home. :)

I'm really eager to get back into writing and I'm slowly reworking my schedule here at home so that I have time to write. It's a little difficult right now with a newborn who doesn't yet have a set routine of his own.

But I have a lot I want to work on. I still have to finish my first round of edits of White Crow and the first draft of my Dragons in Space story. But for now I'm going to work my way back into just writing everyday in general. I have some cute little story ideas I'd like to get on paper here soon and I'm also looking for some good/fun prompt challenges and such.

Well, that's all for now, dear readers. Thanks for reading and Happy Thursday!