Thursday, May 2, 2013

Waz Up Thursday?! (WUW #6)

So last week I didn't update until Friday, now I waited until Thursday. So in theory, I should be back on track next week. You know, pending life and stuff.

This week got me a grand total of 9472 words! It was a very productive week. I passed the 50,000 mark for over all word count, which makes this the longest thing I've ever written and it's still going strong.

Yesterday I wrote the first battle scene. It was short but intense, I made a lot happen in 2200 words. And then last night, my muse, a.k.a. my Husband, gave me a great idea that solves a couple plot problems for me. I figured out how I'm going to move forward in the story as well as an easy fix for my really weak opening scenes.

How's your week been with writing or editing or life? Share with me!

Thanks for reading and have a good Thursday!