Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's Up Wednesday? #7

I wrote this on Wednesday, so it still counts. ;P

Hey, I'm back on track! Let's all give a cheer!

So I totally blanked on updating last week because not much writing got done at all in that time. Had family in town and I was busy most of the time.

Yesterday, I passed the 60,000 word mark. I'm pretty sure this story will end somewhere around 80-90K. The next draft will probably be longer because my first round of edits is more about adding to instead of taking from the original draft. I'm just really amazed that I haven't grown tired of the story yet. The Editor Within is getting anxious though. I have so many notes about things I need to go back and fix, my fingers are just itching to do it. But I will finish the story first!

Then, this morning I made a decision to write a few scenes/chapters in another character's point of view. Not much is really happening with my main character at the moment so I thought I'd switch gears. I have no clue if what I'm about to write will stay on into the final drafts, but it will be a good writing exercise nonetheless. It's good to play with the other characters to get a different feel for the over all story.

Question Time: Do you edit as you write the first draft or do you wait until you have the whole thing on paper?