Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WUW: Progress is Slow

I'm plugging along. It's been slow because I've been lazy and haven't been writing as much as I should. Although I am at an easy part right now. I'm just reading over scenes and making minor adjustments, mostly plot related. I'll be getting to a string of new scenes here soon.

So, in the past few days I've gone from 78 scenes to 74. Mostly it's been combining tiny scenes into whole bigger ones. Nothing has been thrown out except for unneeded note cards. I've completed 10 of those scenes which means I'm about 14% of the way through this thing. And I'm now up to 25,100 words total.

And according to my calculations, I should still have this draft finished by the beginning of October.

And that's all I have for now folks! I hope you have an Awesome Wednesday Full of Writing Win!