Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year=New Goals

So over at my regular blog I talked about some of my resolutions for this new year.  I've got some writing goals in mind as well,of course.

So here they are!

Kristen's 2012 Writing Goals
  • Edit/revise White Crow Novel and begin submitting to agents/publishers.  This is daunting for me.  I've only ever completed a manuscript once and then I killed it.  I was like 13 and I knew it sucked.  So I've never done this editing thing before.  I've got the MS all ready to go and sitting in a binder, but every time I look at it I shudder.  But I'm really going to try!
  • Finish first draft of Dragons in Space (worst working title ever).  What, write and edit two different projects at the same time?  I'm either very brave or very stupid.
There's the plan.  I'm serious about becoming a published author and that means I need to put my butt in a chair and work until there's no more butt to sit on.  And I have at least until April, before my life gets crazy with a newborn, to get a lot of ground covered on both projects.  :) Well see how this goes.

What are your writing goals for this new year?