Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Edit or Not to Edit, That is the Question

So, a while ago I decided to change the point of view I was using for my WIP. I’m going from 3rd to 1st person. After some discussion with the people over at AW Forums, I decided that I just needed to keep writing and I’d worry about rewriting later. But, the other day as I was trying to plug along in my story, I realized that I could not continue until I fixed some major plot holes. I have gotten to a point where my MC and the Love Interest should have a little thing going. Like they should have made some important connections by now. But for some reason I skipped right over those parts in the early chapters. So I thought, “Well I guess I need to go back and write those parts”, but then I realized, those parts should be scattered all throughout (to make it authentic, you know). And then I concluded, “I need to re-write the whole damn thing!” Now, “the whole damn thing” is only 6 chapters, about 22K words. It won’t be too bad.

But this goes against everything I believe as far as a writing process goes. I’m totally in the “Just get it on paper” camp. I believe that a writer should just write and finish the story, and then go back and re-write and edit. So, I comfort myself with saying, “Well this is the story, I just skipped it and now I have to go back and write it.” Yeah…

Either way, I’ve already started re-writing the first chapter and it’s going well so far. I’m able to keep a lot of it the same, like 99% of the dialogue is unchanged. And I feel like I’m improving the rest of the exposition. I just have to do this because it’s bugging me so bad I can’t continue the story. I’m pretty sure that I can finish the re-write quickly. It’s taking a little bit of time because I am literally re-typing all of it. I’m changing so many of the words, it’s easier to just re-type it. If I push it, I know I can get all 6 chapters re-written in a couple weeks.

Wish me luck!